The Icatibant Pre-Filled Syringe Dossier in Europe.

Onko Kocsel has successfully completed the development of Icatibant Pre-Filled Syringes, in close cooperation with Midas Pharma, who will also register and promote the Icatibant Pre-Filled Syringe dossier in Europe.

Accordingly, we are excited to share the news that our Icatibant Pre-Filled Syringe dossier has already been submitted to more than 15 EU authorities as well as to the MHRA in UK.

Icatibant Pre-Filled Syringes are an orphan product, indicated for the treatment of hereditary angioedema, which requires life-long treatment. We'll continue to enhance patients’ access to important medicines in cooperation with our strategic partners in Europe, such as Midas Pharma, and elsewhere.

Onko Kocsel itself is commercializing the Icatibant Pre-Filled Syringe dossier outside of EEA and UK and would be happy to discuss any licensing opportunities in those non-European regions.

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