The Biggest and
Best Equipped R&D Center in Oncology

Onko Has The First And Only R&D Center In Turkey Which Uses The Isolation Technology

Our R&D center that has been continuously working to produce highly potent pharmaceutical dosage forms of drugs manufactured limitedly in Turkey is the main part of manufacturing plant. In our facilities, R&D studies are conducted in containment system laboratories with highly protective isolated equipments and instruments providing an efficient protection for personnel. Along with the protective equipment, our laboratories provide maximum protection with full face masks preventing both dry and wet exposure.


Onko-Kocsel R&D Center consists of Analytical Development Laboratories (instrumental analysis and wet chemistry laboratories), Formulation Development Laboratories, Pilot Production and Stability Areas and it is equipped with about 200 instruments, devices and equipment with advanced technology. R&D center, designed based on the production flow and has a GMP certified pilot production area, has the largest and the best equipped laboratory in the field of oncology of pharmaceutical industry in Turkey. Onko-Kocsel R&D center performs patent search and evaluation studies, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) evaluation, analysis and acceptance studies, formulation and analytical method development, laboratory and pilot scale production, process and analytical method validations, product improvements, new product stability studies, preparation of CTD format files and all carried out with the understanding of QbD (Quality by Design).

Qualified Workforce

The R&D project team involves researchers with completed or ongoing master and doctoral education (pharmaceutical chemistry specialists, pharmaceutical technology specialists, patent attorneys, analytical chemistry specialists). R&D team including pharmacists, chemists and chemical engineers, gathering different disciplines under the roof of a family, successfully established laboratories equipped with the latest technological features and protecting personnel and environment.

Always Looking For More

The devotion of Onko-Kocsel Pharmaceuticals to quality and human life underpins the research and development studies. Onko-Koçsel R&D strategic objectives are to develop novel combinational products including two or more active pharmaceutical ingredients, to improve patient compliance and to minimize the side effects and to develop original products to take part in new markets. Moreover, our R&D team has initiated the research for quickly advancing biotechnological products market and infrastructure works have been organized.

Strong Partnerships

The core of Onko’s R&D practices is formed by the value given to quality and human life. R&D center continuously works with various project-based collaborations including TUBITAK, TEYDEB, SANTEZ projects and different universities. Some completed and ongoing projects in R&D center are based on the cooperation between private sector and universities.

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