We Save Lives

Onko Koçsel Pharmaceuticals has first taken its place in the pharmaceutical sector in 1987 by introducing blood derivative products in Turkey and becoming an exclusive distributor for the reputable European companies

We are saving lifes everyday and increase life expectancy. This purpose makes us passionate about what we do. We create smartier solutions for healtier future. We help society for awareness, early stage diagnosis and we offer treatment.

What wouldn’t you sacrifice to live even just one more day? What about 10 more years? We know the value of living even one more day therefore we would never stop working to make this happen for the society.

Our Services

Having original, generic, biosimilar and OTC products, Onko presents a variety of pharmaceutical products to the patients all around the world. Each day, Onko’s R&D center carries out its developments for new pharmaceuticals in order to reach out to more patients and help them save their lives. Onko also serves as a contract manufacturer for many companies in its GMP certified production facilities.




Our Work Ethics
It is a part our corporate culture to prioritize our ethic rules, principles and practices including all our stakeholders and providers.
Let's Collaborate!

As Onko Koçsel Pharmaceuticals, our aim is to market and distribute high-value added products, developed at our R&D center and manufactured in our own EU GMP certified facility, through our business partners in global markets. We are committed to supplying the best quality medicines to patients globally. Since, we value mutually beneficial partnerships; we are actively expanding our business collaborations and open to working with partners all around the world.

Over the last couple of years, we have been able to start working with our global partners and reach patients out of Turkey. We hope to increase the number of patients treated with our own medicines.

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